Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Christmas Antipasto

Here's a picture of the antipasto platter I put together for Christmas:

From left to right: artichoke hearts, olives, salami, asiago cheese, roasted red bell peppers, caper berries

I arranged the antipasto on a bed of radicchio to add color. Other possible items to put on the tray could be prosciutto, grilled or roasted fennel, small mozzarella balls, pepperoncini or fresh figs.

To go with the tray, I made a batch of my favorite pizza dough and cut it into small rounds to bake. The rounds got pretty puffy in the oven, so the bread turned out more like pizza rolls than flatbread, but it was still good.

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Jenni said...

hi I know you from C2C

I do a lot of italian cooking may i suggest next time to use a veg peeler for the asiago.. asiago is a beautiful cheese but its even better when sliced or shaved very thin!