Friday, May 16, 2008

Carrot cupcakes

My husband happens to love carrot cake. Me? Not so much, although I do love cream cheese frosting. I had some leftover cream cheese frosting from when I made Ina's coconut cupcakes, so I decided to make some carrot cupcakes. I used this recipe from the Everyday Food cookbook. These cupcakes were really simple to put together. They didn't rise much, but a generous swirl of frosting made them not look so flat. Even I liked these cupcakes - the cake is very moist and light, which just a little bit of walnuts and coconut in the batter. Sometimes carrot cakes can be very dense from all the add-ins. The toasted coconut on top adds a little bit of sweetness and crunch. All in all, a nice treat to make when you want something simple and don't want to go to the grocery store to purchase a bunch of ingredients.

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Anonymous said...

These are some of the best cupcakes ever. These put the specialty cupcake bakeries to shame.