Thursday, January 18, 2007

Celery root puree

This is a celery root (sometimes known as celeriac):

It’s pretty ugly. But when cooked and pureed, it takes on a very creamy texture. The flavor is similar to a potato with a hint of celery.

This celery root was about two pounds. But by the time I got done cutting off the ends and peeling away the rough surface, I ended up with enough for about two generous portions. After peeling the celery root, I cut it into 1 inch cubes and cooked it in salted boiling water until it was tender, about 20 minutes. I drained the cubes and put them in the food processor with salt, pepper, a splash of milk and about a tablespoon of cream cheese (you could also use butter). I processed the mixture to a puree. I noticed a few lumps in the puree, so I pushed it through a sieve. I garnished with smoked paprika and fresh herbs.

This was my first time working with celery root, and it will definitely be back on the menu again soon. Plus, celery root has half the calories of potatoes!

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