Saturday, January 27, 2007

Bobby Flay's oven roasted lamb shanks with roasted tomatoes and toasted orzo

A few months ago, I saw Bobby Flay make these lamb shanks on Boy Meets Grill. I just got around to trying the recipe, and it is fantastic. While the recipe isn't very labor intensive, the cooking time is fairly long for each of the components. Since I was making this on a weeknight, I roasted the tomatoes and garlic a day in advance. I ended up roasting the tomatoes and garlic at 300 degrees instead of 200 degrees - the tomatoes cooked for about 3 hours instead of 4.

While the sauce for the lamb shanks was reducing, I put the tomatoes back in the oven to warm them through. The orzo is delicious - toasting the orzo creates a complex flavor.

I used less oil than the recipe called for. I roasted the tomatoes and garlic with a coating of olive oil cooking spray, and browned the lamb shanks in a dry pan. I also didn't add the butter to finish the orzo - I meant to, but when I tasted the orzo I thought it was so good that it didn't need the butter. I also skimmed some of the fat and impurities from the sauce while it was reducing.

I highly recommend this recipe, just plan to make it on a day when you know you'll be at home. The results are worth the effort!


Anonymous said...

That really looks good! I'm going to use this for my dinner party next weekend. Karen

Anonymous said...

Try sun-dried tomatoes instead of roasting. This saved some time and the sun-dried actually complemented the dish well. Important to the flavor and complexity is the port. We used a Grant Burge from Australia that was not over sweet, but added nutty flavors. The orzo really does bring everything together.