Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Name that citrus

One of my mom's patients brought her some citrus from their tree. Can you guess what these are?

They're called rangpur limes, and they are just as orange on the inside:

Although they're called limes, these fruits are actually a very sour mandarin orange. The taste is described to be something between a tangerine and a lemon. To be honest, all I really tasted was the acidity.

So you might be wondering, what did I make with these? Hummus. Yeah, I know it sounds like a weird way to use exotic citrus, but I really wanted hummus and didn't have any lemons around. I ended up using the juice from two of the limes, it gave the hummus a nice citrus flavor. I still have one more, I'm thinking a vinaigrette is in order, maybe with some orange olive oil.

I loosely followed the hummus recipe in the Barefoot Contessa cookbook.


B.D. said...

Sounds yummy to me. Rangpur limes are currently used by Tanqueray in their new gin. Pretty tasty stuff. In the U.S. they are primarily an ornamental plant. Tanqueray has to distill the gin outside of the U.S. as the fruits are not allowed to be imported here.

Margaret said...

Interesting fruits, and it sounds as if you found something good to do with them. I had never heard of rangpur limes. Peter has heard of them, but never seen them until I showed him your picture.