Monday, May 28, 2007

Mahi mahi with cabbage, serrano ham and almonds

This is my version of a recipe from Vegetable Harvest. The recipe called for monkfish tails, but my grocery store didn't have any today, so I went with mahi mahi. This is a layered dish. The first component of the dish is a combination of shredded savoy cabbage, slivered garlic and serrano ham which is sauteed with grey salt and white pepper until the cabbage is tender. The fish is dredged in a mixture of flour, grey salt, ground ginger and espelette pepper and sauteed in olive oil until cooked through. The fish is served on a bed of the cabbage and topped with toasted almonds and fleur de sel. The combination of flavors worked really well together and the outside of the fish was crispy from the seasoned crust. On the side, I served toasted israeli couscous tossed with butter, grey salt and chopped parsley.

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