Friday, February 16, 2007

Everyday Food - Acorn squash lasagna

I saw this recipe on Everyday Food. I don't usually think to use acorn squash in my cooking. I find that butternut or kabocha squashes generally have more flavor. However, the acorn squash worked really well in this recipe. In fact, the puree that I made was so good that I'd make it again as a side dish in the future. I made a few changes to the lasagna recipe:

- Instead of using dried rubbed sage, I put a few springs of fresh sage into the cavity of each squash half before roasting. This infused the squash with the flavor of the sage.

- In the squash puree, I omitted the butter and added pepper.

- I made fresh lasagna noodles with my pasta roller and used those in lieu of no bake noodles.

- I ran the ricotta through the food processor to create a smoother texture.

- I topped the lasagna with shredded mozzarella cheese in addition to the parmesan.

The result is a really delicious and unique dish.

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